The new Veterinary Forensics blog!

Welcome to the new Veterinary Forensics blog!  I hope to post regularly on all matters of Veterinary Forensic pathology and associated fields.

The field of veterinary forensics is relatively new and, as such, must draw data from the human field of forensic medicine. Few resources exist for the veterinary forensic pathologist and I hope the field will continue to grow and have an impact on improving animal and human welfare.

But what is the role of the veterinary pathologist in forensics?

Animal cruelty cases are, sadly, very common. Post mortem examinations and microscopic examination of tissues are often the only proof of abuse, neglect and, equally important, disproving these allegations. Likewise, wildlife crime is investigated, in part, by veterinary pathologists. Insurance claims, inquests, malpractice cases and crimes in which animals are involved, are some of the other scenarios in which the experience of veterinary pathologists is employed to build a case for defence or prosecution.

Hopefully this blog will offer an insight into this fascinating field for those interested in veterinary forensics, provide an introduction to those training in the field and a stepping stone for further information. Enjoy!