Foodie Friday

Foodie Friday: Beefy Buns

It’s apparently football season, and McDonalds is getting into the spirit. But you know what they say; “one man’s football is another man’s offal”. Don’t you think this burger bun looks a little familiar?

foodie friday kidney

cow kidney vs. burger bun

Maybe they should’ve called it The Renaldo Burger…

(Images from and Can you guess the bonus pathology in this Foodie Friday post? No cheating, or you’ll get a red card and other miscellaneous football puns)


Edit 16/06/2014: Biologist on the Edge clued us in; the unusual colour of this kidney is due to amyloid accumulation, making it look yellow and pale and about as appetising as a certain fast food restaurant…


One thought on “Foodie Friday: Beefy Buns

  1. I’ve never necropsied a cow before but the kidney sure looks pale in color compared to other animals. Not being a vet I would refer to a large animal vet for a diagnosis 😉 but the pale color definitely would clue me in that something was wrong.

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